Building Inspection Services

Case studies have shown that drone inspections can save companies up to 70% in data acquisition and down time of assets. This is due to the speed and flexible nature of drone operations and the non intrusive way that images are collected means inspections can be done without closing an asset down for inspection teams

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Inspecting roofs, facades and plant on multi story and high roofed commercial and residential properties often requires personnel to be exposed to working at height risks.

While some properties have purpose built access hatches and gantries to facilitate roof and plant inspections, some properties do not provide safe and secure access. Compliance with regulations will often require multiple parties on site, involving equipment including man riding cranes, elevated work platforms, scaffolding, or cherry pickers. In some situations, traffic and pedestrian management plans are required to be approved by the local council. All adding to the complexity and cost of the inspection.

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Aertime eliminates the need for personnel to be exposed to working at heights risks by undertaking visual inspections using the latest drone technology. Detailed images of the structure being inspected are captured from multiple angles enabling assessment.

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